Human resources (HR) at the heart of companies’ digital transformation

Thanks to digital technology, HR can change its point of view with respect to the company’s organization. The customer and the collaborator become the center of the organization in a “customer experience-employee experience” continuity.

Preserving your competitive advantage

  • Being at the forefront and adopting agile approaches in order to well manage the organization’s evolution
  • Defining emerging needs and roles in the digital era
  • Anticipating tomorrow’s trades and implementing new training methods

Our expertise

Change management and
organizational transformation

Consulting Services

  • Project managers and coordinators
  • Strategic consultants for organizational transformation
  • Certified change management experts
  • Process review and task automation architects and experts
  • Telework tools and telework productivity increase specialists

Skills enhancement and
new talents for the digital shift

Tomorrow's talents

  • Organizational analysis and diagnostic
  • Skills development plan
  • Trainings and certifications (Agility, ITIL, Office 365, ADKAR method, etc.)
  • Adapted talent planning and acquisition plan

Transforming the future, together

Our input

  • A wealth of expertise and experience in digital transformation with most of our clients
  • Senior account managers who master business needs and who have a thorough understanding of the requirements relating to a 360 degree approach (decision maker-operator)
  • Senior content agents at the client’s premises to enable better planning and accelerate delivery cycles
  • Proactivity and proximity of our account managers supported by content specialists in order to develop business and information technology (IT) solutions
  • More than 2,050 professionals supported by communities and interest groups who collaborate daily and are focused on results (key performance indicators [KPI] and service level agreements [SLA])
  • More than 3,500 successfully completed engagements in 2019 thanks to our creative and flexible solutions that are adapted to clients’ needs
  • Sound risk management with shared responsibilities

Our added value

The recourse to effective teams allows you to accelerate and successfully achieve your company's digital transformation.


A business vision of digital innovations

An approach of collaboration with your teams to reach your business objectives and generate operational efficiency gains.

Strategies that accelerate the digital shift and favour the adoption of an agile culture, and the adherence to it.


Talent planning and acquisition

More than 25 years of experience put at your service to recruit the best candidates at the right cost.

The use of the latest talent management technologies allows for the acceleration of the recruitment cycle.


Skills enhancement and new talents for the digital shift

Technical experts who understand tomorrow’s profiles and skills to allow you to achieve your business objectives.

An expertise center and a digital laboratory that support training plans and skills development.

Consolidate your needs in cutting-edge technology and in human resources.
Let us guide you in the choice of leading-edge tools adapted to your productivity needs, in the implementation of a culture of collaboration, in the establishment of a high-performance talent management and in the provision of training that is adapted to the expectations of tomorrow’s leaders.

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